One system – many application

The required inspection and consequent outage of reactor and fuel element pools is an enormous cost factor in power plants. GAARD has developed a concept specially for this which greatly reduces maintenance costs and in so doing decidedly saves time and money.

The modular basic system is comprised of the Underwater Filter UWFR, the Booster UWS, and the Skimmer OFS. All three components are patented GAARD innovations. This system can be adapted to your needs through numerous further components and filters.

Our Concept

We remove particles of the size 0.025 µm and larger from the pool before they contaminate the walls and components. Ideally, this should be carried out when the reactor pool is flooded. Subsequent results from operation have shown that very good economic and radiologic effects can thus be achieved.

High-performance pumps guide up to 160 m3/h through the filter system. Our Pool Cleaning System (PCS) is not a stand-alone solution, but can be adapted to the given waste system.

Your benefits

Over 40 percent of European nuclear power plants already implement our PCS (Pool Cleaning System) and profit from these benefits:

  • Extreme reduction of outage time
  • Minimized radiation exposure to service personnel and the facility
  • Reduction or complete removal of turbidity
  • Simple adaptation of the PCS to the existing waste system
  • Connection to stationary systems not necessary
  • Can be implemented in all Boiling Water Reactors, EPR, HWR, and RMBK reactors
  • flexible waste concept for all applications

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